Navigating the challenges of modern construction is like conquering a mountain. Tower cranes play a crucial role in this risky setting, moving vital materials and shaping skylines. While we admire these structures as symbols of human creativity and ingenuity, safety remains crucial for those overseeing them. Operating these large tower cranes with the highest safety standards is not only a professional duty but also a moral responsibility.

Tower crane safety is complex and an essential part of operating a safe construction site. Bigfoot Crane Company stands out not only as a provider of construction equipment but as a steadfast proponent of safety innovation in our industry.

Bigfoot Crane Company Lowering the Liebherr 81 K 1 Crane into Position

The Looming Safety Specter

Tower cranes, known for their imposing size and impact on city skylines, play a pivotal role in the realm of construction. Diving into their operational parameters and key influencing factors is imperative to mitigate any potential risks that may arise. The demanding tasks of operating at significant heights and managing hefty workloads necessitate a level of assurance that is unmatched in the industry.

Anticipating Disaster: The Prelude to Safety Protocols

The commitment to safety starts long before the steel is raised and the machines are mobilized. At Bigfoot Crane Company, it begins with a meticulous understanding of each project’s unique demands—how will the crane be used, what weights will it hoist, and what environmental factors must be considered? This foresight lays the groundwork for tailored safety protocols that accompany every crane to its job site.

Training the Tower Keepers: A Culture of Vigilance

Tower cranes, icons of construction sites, heavily depend on the expertise of skilled operators to ensure safety at all times. The significance of comprehensive training programs, which encompass both internal and external training modules, cannot be overstated when it comes to preparing crane operators for the challenging tasks they face. 

These training initiatives extend far beyond mere routine procedures; they are instrumental in nurturing a culture of unwavering alertness and responsibility among operators. By ingraining safety practices deeply into their work ethics, tower crane operators consistently uphold the highest safety standards on-site, making sure that every operation runs smoothly and securely. 

Our programs have been meticulously designed by industry leaders, making Bigfoot Academy one of the best crane operator schools in the entire country. In operation since 2008, we are the oldest private crane training provider in BC. Our crane training program is supported by Fulford Certification and BC Crane Safety

Safety Innovations: Your Source for Cutting-Edge Safety Solutions

In the highly competitive construction industry, safety is our top priority for success. At Bigfoot Crane Company, we excel in prioritizing safety and stand out for our unwavering commitment to innovation. Through significant investments in cutting-edge research and development, we are leading safety advancements and setting new standards that redefine what is achievable in terms of practicality and possibility within the industry.

Zone Control & Anti-Collision Systems

Leading the way in safety technology by incorporating advanced zone control and anti-collision systems, Bigfoot Crane Company elevates operational safety standards. Our systems are designed to prevent cranes from entering specific areas, mitigating potential job site risks. The anti-collision technology enables multiple cranes to work simultaneously in close proximity without the danger of accidents. Through the integration of real-time monitoring and spatial analytics, these cutting-edge systems equip crane operators with enhanced situational awareness, reducing structural interference and enhancing site safety.


Our Zone Control Systems monitor your crane’s movement speed and position in real time, ensuring it stays within your defined boundaries. If a collision risk or proximity to a no-go zone is detected, the system safeguards your crane and crew by gradually slowing and ultimately immobilizing the crane at a safe distance from the obstacle.

  • Provides real-time display of obstacles and potential collision points
  • Utilizes radio network communication
  • Prevents collisions effectively for various crane types


Our system simplifies the setting of flyover limits with its user-friendly zoning function. Observe obstacles and restricted areas in 3D for a comprehensive understanding of your crane’s operations.

  • Shows zone boundaries relative to the crane’s position in real time
  • Manages overflight limits for the jib and/or load, with optional height limits for the hook
  • Allows selective activation/deactivation of zones through the override function

Bigfoot Crane Company is a certified installer of AMCS Technologies, having participated in extensive hands-on factory training.

AMCS Zone Control and Anti-Collision Certified Installer


Our data logging system streamlines record-keeping tasks. The Zone Control System automatically tracks your zoning configurations and operational history, generating easily downloadable and viewable files.

  • Direct download capability to USB drive
  • SIM card compatibility for straightforward data transfer
  • On-screen display of wind speed, pre-alarm, and alarm limit settings

Wireless Anemometers: Harnessing the Wind for Safety

At Bigfoot Crane Company, we understand that at the core of crane operation safety lies the crucial ability to precisely evaluate environmental conditions, especially wind speeds. These factors can have a significant impact on crane stability and load handling. That’s why we utilize cutting-edge wireless anemometer technology to deliver real-time wind measurements. This empowers crane operators with essential data to make well-informed decisions about crane operations and load adjustments. 

Our wireless anemometers are designed for easy installation, ensuring minimal interference with other crane activities. This not only enhances the safety of your team but also safeguards the structures they work on. Equipped with robust construction and accurate sensors, our wireless anemometers are indispensable for upholding the highest safety standards. They have become a vital element in the risk management protocols of construction sites across the country.

AMCS Zone Control and Anti-Collision Certified Installer

New State of the Art Liebherr Cranes

At Bigfoot Crane Company, we prioritize safety and excellence through continuous investments in cutting-edge machinery. Our fleet includes the groundbreaking Liebherr 125 EC-B  6 crane, the first in North America, and multiple Liebherr 81K.1 cranes. Our dedication ensures we have the best and safest cranes available, setting industry standards rather than just following them. With advanced engineering and innovative design, our cranes offer top performance while prioritizing safety for operators and on-site personnel. Our fleet stands as a benchmark for progress and innovation in tower crane technology.

To reinforce our safety-first philosophy, we have introduced groundbreaking Liebherr cranes to our fleet, such as the Liebherr 125 EC-B 6 and 81K.1 models. These advancements set new benchmarks for operational safety and efficiency. Our commitment is clear – we are at the forefront of safety and innovation in the construction industry.

A Culture of Caring

Safety stands as a cornerstone of the core values of Bigfoot Crane Company, going beyond mere business requirements. We foster a work environment where each team member actively shapes our safety culture. Our commitment to tower crane safety drives ongoing discussions, centered on improving safety protocols daily to safeguard the well-being of all stakeholders.

The Ripple Effect of Safety Leadership

Safety isn’t just a competitive edge; it’s our shared responsibility that resonates throughout the industry. Our unwavering dedication to proactive crane safety not only elevates our projects but also sets a benchmark for the sector. By openly sharing our safety protocols, advanced technologies, and rigorous standards, we spark a ripple effect that raises the industry standard. This transformative approach not only shapes how tower crane safety is viewed but also boosts its importance within the sector, nurturing a culture of safety excellence.

Working at heights on a crane

Summing It Up: A Blueprint for Safe Skies

In the dynamic construction industry, Bigfoot Crane Company provides tower cranes that elevate projects to new heights. Our focus is on creating a safe environment, ensuring every crane and project is protected. Our dedication to safety is essential for success. In an industry known for risk, we stand as a torchbearer for reliability—a reminder that tower crane safety is non-negotiable.