Handheld Anemometer

Below are some of the many features of the Windy 6 handheld anemometer by Navis.



  •  Three-cup design that ensures accurate wind measurements from any direction
  • Automatic on/off function and built-in display lighting, ensuring user-friendly operation both day and night
  • Design focused on comfort and features a soft, anti-slip handle for secure holding
  • Minimal power draw with an average of 10 years battery life at regular use intervals
  • Current, maximum, and average wind speed
  • All standard units (knots, m/s, Km/h, mph)
  • Beaufort bar graph
  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Wind chill
  • Customizable functions

Wind Data in the Palm of Your Hand

The WINDY 6 handheld anemometer is engineered for precision in measuring wind speed and air temperature. It’s designed with a three-cup structure to ensure highly accurate readings regardless of wind direction. This user-friendly device features automatic activation, deactivation, and backlight for ease of use anytime. Its durable, water-resistant build with a soft, non-slip handle ensures longevity and convenience. Additionally, it offers minimal power consumption for extended battery life, and straightforward replacement of measuring cups.