Load Turning & Drifting Advanced Rigger Certification Course
  • Load Turning & Drifting Rigger Course

Program Status: Currently Accepting Applications

Load Turning & Drifting – Advanced Rigger Certification Course

Once you have completed Level 2 Advanced Rigging, you can develop more specialized rigging skills with our 8 hour Load Turning & Drifting rigging course.

Participants will gain the ability to calculate mechanical advantage, rotate a load safely, move loads in confined spaces using overhead anchor points and many other highly specialized rigging skills.

Please call for information on upcoming dates for this course

Bigfoot Crane Training Academy classroom

Course Outline

Blocks & Reeving

  • Calculate mechanical advantage
  • Calculate loads on lead lines and anchor points
  • Block inspections
  • Balanced reeving

Wire Rope

  • Types of wire rope construction
  • Creating wire rope terminations with clips and wedge sockets 

Auxiliary Hoists

  • Correct use of lever hoists (come alongs), chain falls and base mounted winches
  • Inspection of auxiliary hoists

Turning Loads

  • How to rotate a load safely by applying knowledge of load weight, COG & tip point
  • Correctly turning loads with choker hitches

Drifting Loads (Bull Rigging)

  • Move loads in confinded spaces vertically and horizontally with overhead anchor points and chainfalls
  • Calculating tension on the chain falls as the load moves through its lifting path

Tuition and Fees

$1,200.00 + gst per person (Group discounts apply)


Assessment is completed by the instructor who is a Rigger Certifier.
The Load Turning & Drifting Rigger Certificate of Competence is valid for 5 years upon successful completion

If you want to take the next step and become a certified crane operator, Bigfoot Crane Academy has many options to propel you into a high paying career as a fully certified Level A crane operator.

Custom Rigging Course

We have many years of experience delivering rigging training in all sectors of construction. Give us a call to schedule a custom rigging course for your employees that is tailored to your requirements.

Entrance requirements

  • Level 2 Rigger Certification
  • Fluent English
  • Adequate strength to work with rigging & accessories

Location – Courses can be run at our Bigfoot Crane Academy location or yours.

The Rigging Courses are scheduled on demand and the duration is 1 day.

The fee will be $1,200.00 + gst per person (Includes Advanced Rigging Course and Certification Assessment)

Classes are from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm (with 30 minutes for lunch) from Monday to Friday.