self dumping bins


  • 4 sizes of self dumping bins in stock
  • Designed for hands-free unloading
  • Meets or exceeds all ASME Standards
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Proven for safety, strength and longevity
  • 100% Welded steel construction
  • Larger units equipped with dual pick points

Special Update:

Due to highly fluctuating steel prices, Bigfoot Crane Company reserves the right to change its pricing to reflect these changes at any time, and on any open quote issued.
We understand this may result in unexpected cost fluctuation, and we are doing everything possible to reduce impact on our customers.

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Light Weight and Durable Self Dumping Bins

Boscaro’s industrial AD series self dumping bins consist of many durable, yet light weight sizes designed for safe, hands free unloading.

Increase productivity while enhancing safety by equipping your work site with a self-dumping bin.

All of our buckets and bins are approved for use in North America because they meet or exceed all ASME standards. Each self dumping bin comes with the necessary documentation which has a corresponding serial number to that of the bin, ensuring the product’s accordance with ASME. To see the product application, take a look at our self dumping bins case study.

Click here to download technical specifications


ModelCapacity (volume)DimensionsCapacity (weight)Weight
A-400D (stocked item)5.23 cu yd4,000 L6′ 7″2.036 m8′ 4″2.551 m7′ 5″2.260 m3′ 7″1.130 m3′ 3″1.011 m2′ 3″0.71 m6′ 4″1.930 m17,637 lb8,000 kg2,520 lb1,143 kg
A-600D (stocked item)
with dual pick points
7.85 cu yd6,000 L8′ 0″2.438 m9′ 3″2.819 m7′ 4″2.272 m4′ 7″1.436 m4′ 3″1.330 m2′ 9″0.88 m6′ 5″1.96 m26,455 lb12,000 kg3,900 lb1769 kg
A-800D (stocked item)
with dual pick points
10.46 cu yd8,000 L9′ 0″2.743 m11′ 2″3.425 m7′ 4″2.269 m5′ 8″1.727 m5′ 4″1.626 m3′ 7″1.092 m6′ 3″1.905 m35,274 lb16,000 kg6,555 lb2,973 kg
A-1000D (stocked item)
with dual pick points
13.07 cu yd10,000 L10′ 3″2.997 m13′ 3″4.013 m7′ 6″2.235 m6′ 1″1.854 m5′ 7″1.702 m4′ 0″1.219 m6′ 2″1.880 m44,092 lb20,000 kg8,928 lb4,050 kg

For sizes smaller than the A-400D unit, please see the regular self-dumping bins page.