Hydraulic Clamshell Crane Buckets by Boscaro


  • Remote control operation with up to 100ft/30.5m service range
  • No need for personnel to be inside operating area
  • No temporary loading areas required
  • Can be used in confined or space-restricted areas
  • Meets or Exceeds all ASME Standards
  • Certified for safety, strength, and longevity
  • Durable powder-coated finish

Special Update:

Due to highly fluctuating steel prices, Bigfoot Crane Company reserves the right to change its pricing to reflect these changes at any time, and on any open quote issued.
We understand this may result in unexpected cost fluctuation, and we are doing everything possible to reduce impact on our customers.

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Maximize Efficiency & Safety with our Industrial Hydraulic Clamshell Bucket

The Boscaro A-400DR and A-800DR are hydraulically operated clamshell buckets designed to work as large volume transfer bins in conjunction with a mobile and/or tower cranes.

These systems’ dumping mechanisms are controlled by a wireless remote control from the crane cab or by designated personal working with your crane operator, who can be up to 100’ away from the bin at time of offloading.

All Boscaro equipment meets or exceeds all ASME requirements and is certified for use across North America.

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ModelCapacity (Vol)DimensionsCapacity (weight)Weight
A-400 DBR4,000 L5.23 cu yd2.87 m9′ 5″1.94 m6′ 4″1.52 m5′ 0″2.08 m6′ 10″0.99 m3′ 3″8,000 kg17,637 lb2,195 kg4,839 lb
A-800 DBR8,000 L10.46 cu yd4.18 m13′ 8″1.96 m6′ 5″1.91 m6′ 3″2.47 m8′ 1″1.02 m3′ 4″16,000 kg35,274 lb3,450 kg7,606 lb
All models are battery-powered.
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