Anemometeres Offer Wind Data at Your Fingertips

WINDY™ Smartphone Anemometers consist of wind speed and direction sensors which wirelessly transmit real-time wind and temperature data to your smartphone or tablet. With our free WINDY™ App (Available for iOS and Android), you get instant data in your hand showing current, average, and maximum wind speed, as well as direction, temperature and historical graphs.

Why use anemometers? They are used at almost all weather stations, from the frigid Arctic to warm equatorial regions. Wind speed helps indicate a change in weather patterns, such as an approaching storm, which is important for pilotsengineers, and climatologists.

It is an instrument that measures wind speed and wind pressure. They are important tools for meteorologists, who study weather patterns. They are also important to the work of physicists, who study the way air moves.

The most common type has three or four cups attached to horizontal arms. The arms are attached to a vertical rod. As the wind blows, the cups rotate, making the rod spin. The stronger the wind blows, the faster the rod spins. It counts the number of rotations, or turns, which is used to calculate wind speed. Because wind speeds are not consistent—there are gusts and lulls—wind speed is usually averaged over a short period of time.

Aerospace engineers and physicists often use laser anemometers. This type of equipment is used in velocity experiments. Velocity is the measurement of the rate and direction of change in the position of an object. Laser anemometers calculate the wind speed around cars, airplanes, and spacecraft, for instance. These tools also help engineers make these vehicles more aerodynamic.

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