A New Lifting Solution

Bigfoot Crane Company is excited to announce the release of the EZBar Modular Lifting Frame System by Boscaro. This addition to their product lineup represents a leap forward in the functionality and efficiency of lifting operations. Designed to address the unique challenges faced by industries involved in lifting and hoisting, the system is a game changer for construction and heavy lifting sectors.

Enhanced Design and Functionality

The EZBar Modular Lifting Frame System builds on the success of the original EZBar spreader bar design. It features modular lifting bars  that connect with corner adapters, creating a robust lifting frame that optimizes load distribution and enhances stability during operations.

Strategic Collaboration

Bigfoot Crane Company’s collaboration with Boscaro has allowed for the creation of a lifting solution that meets market demands. The EZBar Modular Lifting Frame System embodies the collaborative commitment to developing advanced solutions that boost safety and operational efficiency.

Compatibility and Versatility

This system is compatible with Bigfoot Crane Company’s EZBar Spreader Bars, allowing for seamless integration and increased versatility in handling complex lifting tasks. The design not only improves overall performance but also enhances workplace safety.

Setting New Industry Standards

With the introduction of the EZBar Modular Lifting Frame System, Bigfoot Crane Company continues to redefine standards in the crane technology industry.

For more information about the EZBar Modular Lifting Frame System, please visit Bigfoot Crane Company.