Civil Works Rigging Course - Bigfoot Crane Company

Program Status: Currently Accepting Applications

Civil Works Rigging Course

We combine in-class content with practical experience.

Students will receive classroom theory and hands-on practical training including calculating load weights, finding load center of gravity, rigging loads and making actual lifts.

The goal of the Course is to equip students for a safe career as a knowledgeable and confident rigger.

Our Civil Works Rigging Course takes 1 day to complete (up to 10 students per session), and students will be made fully competent in rigging for every job site.

Bigfoot Crane Training Academy classroom

Course Outline

  • Hoisting and trucking hand signals
  • Determining the weight of a load
  • Load center of gravity (COG)
  • Rigging terminology and appropriate uses
  • Rigging inspection
  • Use of rigging capacity tables
  • How sling configuration effects capacity
  • Rigging Care and storage
  • Common hazards and safety around hoisting equipment
  • Lift planning
  • Electrical safety

Tuition and Fees

$2,850.00 + GST (includes assessment and manual). This price covers up to a total of 10 people in your training program within Metro Vancouver.


A Certificate of Training will be issued to students upon successful completion of the course.

Entrance Requirements

  • Adequate strength
  • Fluent English
  • Good reading comprehension

Custom Rigging Course

We have many years of experience delivering rigging training in all sectors of construction. Please feel free to give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule a Civil Rigging Training Course that is tailored to your requirements.

Location (Courses can be run at our location or yours)

The Bigfoot Crane Civil Works Rigging Course is scheduled on demand. Classes run from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm (with 30 minutes for lunch) from Monday to Friday.