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Our Vision Statement

Bigfoot Culture is to be one of the most admired Crane & Hoist Companies in Western Canada; admired for the caring and integrity of our people, the quality of our products and services, and our remarkable customer experience.

Bigfoot Culture & Values:

Integrity– We are open & honest, do what we say and own up to our issues

Passion– We pursue our goals with strength and perseverance

Innovation– We seek to lead the industry with our ideas, products and services

Preciseness– We focus on detail, safety and customer experience in every aspect of the business

Balance– We strive for stability and vitality in our personal and professional lives

Caring– We care about each other, our customers, our community and the environment

Unfortunately, in our experience it is far more common for leaders seeking to build high-performing organizations to be confounded by culture. Indeed, many either let it go unmanaged or relegate it to the HR function, where it becomes a secondary concern for the business. They may lay out detailed, thoughtful plans for strategy and execution, but because they don’t understand culture’s power and dynamics, their plans go off the rails. As someone once said, culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Our Everyday Goals

  • We perform every task with excellence in mind
  • We create a customer experience that keeps our phone ringing
  • We live out our Bigfoot Culture through our actions, not our words.

Five Key Areas that Bigfoot Culture Focuses On:

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Brand

We Live Our Culture

We Work Hard & Play Hard

We Support Our Community

Community Service at Bigfoot