Crane safety is crucial, requiring operator training, planning, risk assessment, and adherence to safety standards like ANSI and OSHA for safe operation.

Exploring Tower Cranes: Types and Their Construction Roles

The world of tower cranes and their pivotal roles in modern construction. This blog delves into various types, from skyline-dominating Top Slewing to agile Fast-Erecting cranes, crucial for everything from urban projects to heavy industrial tasks.

Exploring Crane Safety with Bigfoot Crane Company

Bigfoot Crane Company’s focus on tower crane safety, highlighting their safety measures, operator training, and advanced tech like anti-collision systems. It emphasizes their commitment to safety through incorporating innovative Liebherr cranes into their fleet, demonstrating leadership in safe construction practices.

Elevating Construction in British Columbia: Bigfoot Crane Company's Strategic Lead with Liebherr 81 K.1

Bigfoot Crane Company’s alliance with Liebherr introduces the versatile K-Series cranes to British Columbia’s urban construction scene, enhancing Bigfoot’s fleet with cutting-edge technology. This strategic move reflects a commitment to providing top-quality, adaptable solutions for diverse construction challenges.

Training at Bigfoot Academy transforms novices into pros, offering skills, safety knowledge, and certifications for a thriving construction career.

In construction, balancing tight profit margins with worker safety is crucial. Prioritizing health and safety enhances productivity and profitability.

Blog - Maximizing Efficiency With the Liebherr 81 K.1 Fast-Erecting Crane

The Liebherr 81 K.1 Fast-Erecting Crane, offered by Bigfoot Crane Company blends innovation, safety and versatility. Perfect for diverse projects, it features a smart, adaptable design for easy setup and efficiency for your construction needs.

The Liebherr K Series are the Best Self-Erecting Cranes for British Columbia’s Lower Mainland

Discover the Liebherr K Series cranes, ideal for B.C.’s Lower Mainland construction. These versatile cranes excel in tight spaces with powerful lifting capabilities, enhancing project efficiency and safety.

Tower Crane Rental vs. Sales: Bigfoot Crane Company's Guide For Construction Managers

Explore Bigfoot Crane Company’s guide on tower crane rentals vs sales. Offering expert advice, cost-effective solutions, and advanced crane technologies for your construction needs in B.C.’s lower mainland.

A Liebherr 125 EC-B 6 flat-top tower crane arrives in British Columbia, Canada and is ready for rent from Bigfoot Crane Company, Abbostford.

Bigfoot Crane Company is expanding its rental service with the addition of the advanced Liebherr 125 EC-B 6 crane. Known for its precision, power, and versatility, the crane is available for rent, offering construction professionals innovative solutions for various projects.