• The safest and most efficient way to move materials by crane, bar none
  • Multiple sizes in rental stock to choose from
  • Designed for hands-free unloading
  • Larger units equipped with dual pick points
  • Meets or exceeds all ASME Standards
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Proven for safety, strength, and longevity
  • 100% Welded steel construction
  • We also offer a custom engineered Rock Bucket that is 4 cubic yards and specially designed to handle large rock and rip rap

Did You Know?

The Boscaro self dumping bin is the most popular underhook attachment that Bigfoot Crane has to offer!


ModelCapacity (volume)DimensionsCapacity (weight)Weight
A-99DR1.30 cu yd1,000 L4′ 7″1.40 m5′ 8″1.73 m4′ 2″1.27 m2′ 6″0.76 m2′ 2″0.66 m1′ 3″0.40 m3′ 5″1.04 m4,409 lb2,000 kg507 lb230 kg
A-150DR1.96 cu yd1,500 L4′ 7″1.40 m6′ 0″1.83 m4′ 2″1.27 m2′ 11″0.89 m2′ 8″0.84 m1′ 7″0.48 m3′ 5″1.04 m6,614 lb3,000 kg650 lb295 kg
A-200D2.62 cu yd2,000 L5′ 0″1.518 m6′ 5″1.97 m5′ 3″1.612 m3′ 1″0.946 m2′ 9″0.84 m1′ 7″0.48 m4′ 3″1.13 m8,818 lb4,000 kg1,212 lb550 kg
A-300D3.92 cu yd3,000 L5′ 3″1.625 m7′ 1″2.146 m6′ 5″1.97 m3′ 3″1.006 m2′ 11″0.89 m1′ 10″0.580 m5′ 5″1.65 m13,228 lb6,000 kg1,477 lb670 kg
Rock Bucket4 cu yd3,058 L6’6″1.98 m8’1 1/2″2.48 m5’2″1.59 m4’4″1’32 m4’4″1.32 m2’4 1/2″00.72 m4’9″1.45 m13,250 lb6,010 kg2,200 lb998 kg
Self Dumping Bins: Can be used with: Crane   Forklift

There are many reasons why renting a self dumping bin is better than buying it. If you’re not exactly sure what type of equipment to buy, renting can help you make your decision and allow you to test out different types of equipment before deciding on a purchase.

So why rent from Bigfoot Crane?

  1. Save money. No down payment and no consuming the depreciation from a new piece of equipment.
  2. Less hassle. Rental items are delivered to site, picked up and there’s also no need to incur storage fees keeping it in your facility waiting for the next project it’s needed on.
  3. Testing for the right piece of equipment. If there are several different styles of equipment, renting allows you to test what works best without the upfront purchase costs.
  4. Renting is flexible and affordable. Shorter duration projects allow you to have the equipment only when it’s needed.
  5. All equipment is inspected and certified annually, which is required by WorkSafe BC.
  6. Real time responses and same day delivery is available.

For whatever your reason, we’re here to help you get Legendary Service on our legendary rental equipment. Call or request a quote today.