• Easy-to-use solution for wind site evaluation
  • Shows and stores all vital wind data
  • Wind tunnel calibrated sensors with precisions stainless steel ball bearing
  • Range up to 1,200m
  • Easy installation without running cables
  • Replaceable anemometer cups
  • 1 year minimum battery life

Long Range Anemometers: Wind Data at Your Fingertips

NAVIS Long Range Anemometers consist of wind speed and/or wind direction sensors which wirelessly transmit real time wind and temperature data to your paired display unit. Read instant data including, average and maximum wind speed, direction, temperature and view history graphs.

With the NAVIS Data Logging System you get all of the NAVIS benefits plus a complete data history running up to 168 consecutive hours stored on exchangeable SD cards.

Models – Extended Range (Up to 1200m/3,937 feet)

  • WL 12x/WS/FCC (Windspeed Sensor)
  • WL 12x/WSD/FCC (Windspeed + Wind Direction Sensor)


  • Shown on LCD
  • Current wind speed and temp. and optional wind direction
  • Unique date/time stamp, 24 hour wind speed, and temp. graphs
  • 7 day history of instant and average wind speed stored to SD card
  • Average and maximum wind speed, temp. at selected interval
  • Average wind direction (WL 12x/WSD/FCC model only)


  • Self-levelling bracket with optional magnetic mounting kit
  • Waterproof, impact resistant carrying case for storage
  • Spare SD card
  • Magnetic mounting external antenna with 4m of cable
  • Yagi antenna for extended range applications
  • 5V micro USB external power adapter

Setup Instructions:

  1. Stick the Anemometer anywhere you need, with its optional magnetic bracket
  2. Attach your display unit to any metal surface with its handy magnetic bracket
  3. Turn on your display unit (your anemometer and display are already set up to talk to each other)
  4. Set your desired safety parameters