Spreader bar - various sizes

Spreader Bar Features

  • Modular Spreader Bar System
  • Range from 1.31M/4′ to 10.36M/34′
  • Lifting Capacities up to 110 Tonnes/242,506lbs
  • Galvanized for Durability
  • Easily Transported & Stored

Special Update:

Due to highly fluctuating steel prices, Bigfoot Crane Company reserves the right to change its pricing to reflect these changes at any time, and on any open quote issued.
We understand this may result in unexpected cost fluctuation, and we are doing everything possible to reduce impact on our customers.

If you have questions, concerns or to get a quote please call 1-855-598-3915.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Boscaro EZ™ Spreader Bar Systems

Boscaro’s EZ™ Spreader Bar systems have been fully tested for compliance with ASME, eliminating the need for an assortment of bars while allowing you to adapt to the changing demands of your job site. With male and female interlocking components, the unique design provides multiple configurations. Utilize each section as an individual bar or combine components to form an adjustable spreader bar with 1′ increments.

The lightweight build and the option to disassemble the components not only increases your capacity but also makes transportation, assembly, and storage of the system simple and time efficient. Components are galvanized which increases durability and prevents paint chips due to repetitive movement. With Boscaros’ EZ Spreader Bars you will be improving efficiency on site as well as managing down costs.


ModelMin LengthMax CapacityExt. LengthExt. Capacity
15T EZ Bar System1.31M4′15 Tonnes33,070 lbs5.03M16.5′3 Tonnes6613 lbs
35T EZ Bar System2.44M8′35 Tonnes77,161 lbs10.36M34′7 Tonnes15,432 lbs
110T EZ Bar System2.44M8′110 Tonnes242,506 lbs10.36M34′27 Tonnes59,424 lbs
*Capacity is based off a 60 degree sling angle

Click here to download all 15 tonne configurations

Click here to download all 35 tonne configurations

Click here to download all 110 tonne configurations