About Bigfoot Crane
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Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the most admired Crane & Hoist Companies in Western Canada; admired for the caring and integrity of our people, the quality of our products and services, and our remarkable customer experience.

Who We Are

Bigfoot Crane Company is about being a value-driven organization. We strive to be a leader in the high-angle materials handling industry by providing the best in cranes, hoists, under-hook accessories, service and solutions. With 29 years of experience, we understand the challenges our customers face.
We have developed our team, service and product selection accordingly to ensure that we can deliver meticulous quality and excellence every time.

What We Do

Equipment that maximizes efficiency.

We are proud to offer the most diverse fleet of tower cranes and under-hook accessories in North America. Paired with our hoists, wind and zoning systems, our machines will make your site safest and most efficient it can be.

Solutions without compromise.

Our team of experts specialize in problem solving and having a history of doing the impossible.

Browse our Case Studies page to see how we’ve built custom solutions for undoable jobs. Full service and coverage, no matter what you’re running. We offer fully certified and insured maintenance and repairs to everyone, regardless of your crane’s brand or supplier.

Here when you need us.

We pride ourselves on being prepared. We have field-experienced experts on call at all times to respond to any questions or problems you may have. We also keep an inventory of highly demanded parts to reduce downtime and keep you running.

A Partnership you can trust.

At Bigfoot, we own our issues and make them right, no matter the cost. We believe that relationships built on trust are worth going the extra mile. That’s why we promise to take full responsibility for our mistakes to give the best customer experience possible. Visit our Parts & Services page to learn more about how we can make your job-site better.

Professional Affiliations

We believe in working alongside and recognizing organizations who work hard and make positive impacts in the industry. Visit our Professional Affiliations page to learn more about the organizations we work with.

How We Do It

Our legendary service is made possible only by our mythic culture. We’ve worked hard to foster a culture of care, competition, support and mutual respect. In other words, we work with our friends.

We care about culture for two reasons:

  1. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with care and respect.
  2. We see our staff as people before employees and treat them accordingly. This creates a healthy
    environment that promotes growth and development.

The best customer service comes from people who love what they do. Creating an environment that people want to be in means they can spend less energy worrying about their job and more energy doing it well.

Check out our Core Values page to learn more about how our company values make us the best choice for your job.

Interested in working with a team of exceptional individuals? Take a look at our Careers page to see how you can become part of the Bigfoot Family.

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Our Everyday Goals

  • We perform every task with excellence in mind
  • We create a customer experience that keeps our phone ringing

Five Key Areas that Bigfoot Focuses On:

  • Leadership
  • Culture
  • Service
  • Innovation
  • Brand