Tower crane accessories


Our Zone Control Systems track the movement speed and position of your crane’s individual parts in real time and automatically keep it within your set boundaries. If it senses a risk of collision or proximity to your programmed no-go zone, it will protect your crane and crew by slowing and then completely immobilize your crane within a safe distance of the obstacle.

  • Displays obstacles and potential collision points in real-time
  • Utilizes radio network communication
  • Effectively prevents collision for tower cranes, mobile cranes, placing boom, gantries, luffing jib cranes, travelling cranes and retractable cranes


Flyover limits are easy to read and define with our system’s simple zoning function. View obstacles and out-of-bounds areas in 3D for the clearest picture of your crane’s operation.

  • Displays zone boundaries relative to your crane’s position in real-time
  • Manages overflight limits for the jib and/or load with optional minimum and maximum height limits for the hook
  • Able to selectively activate/deactivate zones via the override function
Bigfoot Crane is AMCS Technologies Certified Installer


Our data logging system makes record keeping easy. The Zone Control System will track your zoning settings and operating history automatically and create files that are simple to download and view.

  • Download information directly to your USB drive
  • Compatible with SIM cards for easy data transfer
  • Displays wind speed, pre-alarm and alarm limit settings on-screen