The Perfect Match: Quality Meets Versatility

The  between Bigfoot Crane Company and Liebherr represents a significant addition to BC’s construction industry. The introduction of Liebherr’s K-Series cranes into Bigfoot fleet is more than just an acquisition; it’s a union of quality and versatility that benefits the landscape of construction in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland.

Bigfoot Crane Company Lowering the Liebherr 81 K 1 Crane into Position

Decades of Excellence: Bigfoot’s Experience Meets Liebherr’s Innovation

With over a decade of experience in the mobile and tower crane industries, Bigfoot Crane Company has consistently relied on high-quality cranes and outstanding service – a standard that Liebherr effortlessly meets. Liebherr’s dedication to innovation and quality resonates deeply with Bigfoot Crane Company’s commitment to providing legendary service, making this partnership a natural fit.

The K-Series Cranes: A Game-Changer for Urban Construction

Liebherr’s K-Series, encompassing models  such as the 42K.1, 65K.1, 81K.1, and the 125K.1, is a masterclass in engineering. Designed to conquer the unique challenges of urban construction, these cranes excel in tight spaces where precision and adaptability are the most important. With their compact outrigger footprint and small counterweight radius, the K-Series cranes excel in the confined spaces of British Columbia’s urban centers such as Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam – a perfect fit for construction growth in the Lower Mainland.

Unrivaled Versatility for Diverse Projects

The versatility of the K-Series allows Bigfoot Crane Company to streamline its fleet, replacing multiple models with these all-encompassing cranes. Their adaptability is evident in the range of jib lengths, from the 42K.1’s 36m jib to the 125K.1’s impressive 55m jib. This capability ensures that whether the project involves a residential building or a large commercial complex, the K-Series can tackle it with ease.

Safety and Efficiency: The Core of Liebherr’s Design

Liebherr’s commitment to safety is showcased in the K-Series. These cranes’ user-friendly interfaces ensure ease of operation, essential for maintaining safety standards in complex construction environments. Furthermore, the 2-part hoist line and Load Plus feature facilitate fast-lifting speeds while enabling heavier lifts, a critical factor in time-sensitive projects.

Multi-Crane Coordination: Addressing Complex Construction Needs

Working on multi-crane sites is a common scenario in urban construction. The K-Series cranes, with up to 38.9m of under-hook height and adjustable tower increments, offer the flexibility needed for such intricate operations, proving their worth as indispensable assets on any job site.

The Future of Bigfoot’s Fleet: Embracing Liebherr’s K-Series

The plan to integrate models like the 81K.1 into Bigfoot Crane Company’s fleet signifies a transformative move towards more efficient, versatile, and high-quality construction solutions. This strategic choice not only streamlines operations but also ensures that Bigfoot Crane Company’s clients benefit from the latest advancements in crane technology.

Liebherr’s EC-B Series: The Pinnacle of Crane Technology

The upcoming arrival of the 125 EC-B crane from Liebherr’s EC-B series is a testament to Bigfoot Crane Company’s forward-thinking approach. Renowned for their excellent lifting capacities and ergonomic design, these cranes represent the pinnacle of construction technology, promising to elevate the capabilities of Bigfoot Crane Company’s  fleet.

Renting Made Easy: Bigfoot’s Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Bigfoot Crane Company simplifies the process of renting tower cranes, making it quick, easy, and affordable. With a diverse fleet that caters to a broad spectrum of construction needs, Bigfoot ensures that each project is equipped with the most suitable crane, all while upholding the highest safety standards.

We believe Liebherr is the best in the business, and we want to be aligned with the best. Both Liebherr and Bigfoot Crane Company put high emphasis on innovation, quality equipment and legendary service which is the foundation for a great partnership between our two companies.” 

Cale Anderson, General Manager


The collaboration between Bigfoot Crane Company and Liebherr, particularly through the integration of the K-Series cranes, marks a new era in construction capabilities in British Columbia. It’s a synergy of two giants, each excelling in their respective fields, coming together to provide unmatched service and quality. As the construction landscape continues to evolve, this collaboration ensures that Bigfoot Crane Company remains at the forefront, equipped with the best tools to meet the dynamic demands of modern construction.