Transit Village was a huge 500-unit residential project in B.C.’s Lower Mainland being built by Jetline Contracting for Weststone Properties.

When they first approached Bigfoot to supply rental cranes for the project, we visited the site and saw firsthand the challenges. We immediately realized that the project would require multiple cranes to be mobilized, including our new Potain 65 Meter Tower Crane.

However, the site was located on a bog, which didn’t allow for a traditional installation of a tower crane. “We had to engineer a unique solution,” said Ryan Burton, Managing Director. “So, our team drew up a plan to help Weststone and Jetline position the right cranes on the site.”

The solution included the installation of over 5000 piles onsite, in order to create maximum stability for the cranes. With the piles installed, Jetline was able to use four cranes onsite in secure and safe locations, which enabled the builders to complete the project safely and on time.

The four different cranes that Bigfoot supplied from their fleet were: a 45-meter self-erecting crane, a city crane and two bigger tower cranes.

All in all, Bigfoot provided efficient hoisting solutions on a touch worksite. Jetline Contracting for Weststone Properties were both appreciative of the outside-the-box thinking that Bigfoot employed, not to mention the safety-first approach. Without these solutions, the customer was not sure that they would be able to successfully construct the building on that site.

“We pride ourselves on being innovative,” said Burton. “When our customers say, ‘We don’t think it’s doable’, I love saying, ‘Well, you called the right team, because we are going to come in and figure it out.'”

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