Breaking New Ground

The construction industry is evolving towards a more diverse and inclusive future, particularly in empowering women to join. As we observe the Women in Construction Week, recognizing the progress made and the path ahead is crucial for achieving equality in trades.

Diversity and Inclusion in Construction

Diversity in construction is essential for fostering innovation, with women bringing unique perspectives and solutions. Traditionally underrepresented, women’s growing participation in construction is reshaping the industry. Many companies are creating inclusive environments that challenge stereotypes and open up new opportunities for women.

Empowering Women in the Industry

Equality in trades is about ensuring equal opportunities for women in construction. This means breaking down barriers, offering support, and ensuring a harassment-free workplace. Bigfoot Crane Company is committed to these principles, creating a safe, respectful work environment for all. Encouraging women in skilled trades is not only essential for the industry’s growth but also offers rewarding career paths.

Bigfoot Academy Crane Operator Training

Tackling Workforce Shortages and Driving Innovation

The construction industry faces a workforce shortage, which can be alleviated by welcoming more women into the sector. Female construction workers bring innovation and fresh ideas. Bigfoot Crane Company actively promotes diverse career opportunities for women, from on-site roles to leadership positions, and emphasizes the importance of suitable PPE for women.

Starting a career in construction with Bigfoot Crane Company Academy is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to enter this dynamic industry. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get started:

  1. Explore Training Programs: Begin by exploring various training programs offered at Bigfoot Crane Academy. They have courses tailored for crane and hoist operators which are crucial in the construction industry. Crane Academy Training
  2. Crane Operator Training: Enroll in their Crane Operator Training program. This program provides comprehensive training in crane operation, essential for a successful career in construction. Your Crane Operator Training Career Starts Here
  3. Hoist Operator Course: If you’re interested in hoist operation, consider the Construction Hoist Operator Training Course. It’s designed to equip you with specialized skills in this area. Construction Hoist Operator Training Course
  4. Level 1 Rigger Certification: Start building your foundational skills with the Level 1 Rigger Certification Course, an excellent starting point for beginners. Level 1 Rigger Certification Course
  5. Utilize Resources and FAQs: Bigfoot Crane Company provides a wealth of resources and FAQs that can help you better understand the industry and prepare for your career. Our Crane Academy & FAQ

Bigfoot Academy is committed to providing high-quality training that prepares you for a successful career in construction. Whether you’re new to the industry or looking to enhance your skills, they have a program that suits your needs. Start your journey in the construction industry with confidence and the right training from Bigfoot Academy. ​


The shift towards a more inclusive construction industry is underway.. Addressing issues, workplace culture, and providing equal opportunities are key steps towards a diverse and successful industry. As we celebrate Women in Construction Week, it’s a reminder of our ongoing commitment to making the construction sector a welcoming place for all.

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