We make your tower crane rental safe and easy.

One phone call gets you a complete solution; from assessing the site and making the appropriate crane recommendation to planning, permitting and performing the installation, training the operator and maintaining the equipment throughout the project.



Comprehensive selection with knowledgeable, effective service

We offer an unmatched tower crane rental fleet ranging from small residential class self-erecting cranes to massive heavy construction class tower cranes. We also have Canada’s largest range of under hook accessories available for rent.

The expert team at Bigfoot packages all your hoisting and vertical lifting needs into a single point of contact – one person who will quarterback all your needs and manage the process on your behalf. We guarantee fair pricing and a firm, no BS quote. We do what we say: recommend the right tower crane rental for the job, deliver it when you need it, get it up and lifting and keep it working, all for what we said it would cost.

Our team of tower crane experts will provide you with the following:


Preparation – we scope out all your requirements

  • On-site evaluation of your needs
  • Crane recommendations
  • Overall site assessment and specific tower crane rental placement suggestions


Planning – we do all the organization needed to get it up and running

  • Geotechnical specifications
  • Permit specifications
  • All required engineering
  • Crane delivery logistics
  • Detailed crane installation schedules
  • Safety planning
  • Crane assembly and commissioning
  • Crane operator orientation and training


Operation – we keep your crane lifting

  • Regular scheduled maintenance
  • 24/7/365 on-call service and support

All Bigfoot crane work is done by fully qualified, certified and insured technicians, mitigating your risk. They guys know what they’re doing and go the extra mile to ensure your equipment stays up and productive throughout your project.

Want to get a quote on a tower crane rental? All you have to do is call us. 1-877-852-2192

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