An Introduction to Civil Rigging

Why is the Bigfoot Crane Academy offering an Introduction to Civil Rigging Course? Just ask Ralf Notheis, Manager of the Academy.

“There is a huge need for this,” says Notheis, who speaks with passion. “There are way too many workers out there who are inadequately trained to do what they’re doing. They’re taking unnecessary risks with their lives every day.”

When talking to this professional, it doesn’t take long to figure out that he is very dedicated to one thing: safety.

Bigfoot’s Civil Rigging Course offers essential safety training for any construction worker or civil worker whose job involves lifting loads.

Notheis is thrilled that more and more riggers are becoming qualified through Bigfoot’s training, but he also knows that very soon qualification will not be enough. According to Notheis and other industry authorities, the time is quickly coming that every rigger will need to be certified.

“When that requirement comes,” Notheis projects, “we’re not talking about hundreds of people that will need training, but thousands, maybe even tens of thousands.”

This course gives owners and managers an opportunity to become industry leaders, it gives safety officers an opportunity to create the best work environment possible, and it gives workers the opportunity to do their job confidently and go home safe every night.

To stay ahead of the curve on safety and certification, learn more about our Civil Rigging Course by clicking the button below.


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