Bigfoot Crane Company

A recent industry survey conducted by American Cranes & Transport (ACT) magazine ranked Bigfoot Crane in not one but two of their industry listings. It’s a major achievement for Bigfoot Crane, since this is the first time the company has been recognized in this way.


The annual survey results are represented by three separate lists: Top 20 Companies, Top 10 Largest Tower Cranes and Top 10 Largest Number In Fleet:

  • Bigfoot Crane placed 13th overall on the Top 20 Companies list and number eight on the Largest Number In Fleet
  • Ranking in the Top 20 Companies is determined by the tower crane index, which is the sum of the maximum load moment rating of all the cranes in a fleet measured in tonne-meters. Bigfoot Crane is one of only four Canadian companies to achieve placement on this list and is also the only company with one location.
  • A fleet total of 52 cranes, including the San Marco SMT 550, provided the muscle behind the 8th place ranking on the Top 10 Largest Number In Fleet.

Ryan Burton, Managing Partner at Bigfoot Crane emphasizes that “it’s not just the fleet, but our team’s commitment to providing legendary service that is driving growth for Bigfoot Crane.”


ACT’s annual survey, which garnered a greater than 70 percent response rate, returned some solid results overall. In spite of economic downturns and dips in the oil sector, the numbers show that there is moderate but steady growth in the industry.

  • The year’s total capacity of every crane from every company that made the list is a whopping 506,026 tonne-meters – that’s 82,822 tonne-meters larger than 2014.
  • The total number of tower cranes across all companies also expanded, from 1,327 in 2014 to 1,531 in 2015.
  • Employee numbers also increased from 6,827 (2014) to 7,945 (2015).
  • From a locations standpoint, the total grew from 217 last year to 259 this year.


American Cranes & Transport is a US-based monthly publication dedicated to the North American crane and transport industry. It’s the official domestic magazine of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association, reaching over 16,000 industry people monthly. It’s the primary source of industry information for crane owners, buyers and renters.

Click here to read the survey results.

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