derrick crane

It all started with an idea and some Lego…

One night, Ryan Burton, the Managing Partner at Bigfoot Crane, sat down with his son to build a model Derrick Crane that would lift materials to a roof without needing street closures to do it. And they did just that. Weighted with pennies and nickels as ballast, the Lego creation started Ryan on a path to eventually designing and introducing a truly innovative Derrick Crane into service.

Together with Mainland Machinery, the Derrick Crane was born with enough lift capacity to replace some of the biggest crawler or AT cranes in the marketplace.

The goal for building the Derrick Crane was to make a machine that was portable enough to be taken up in an elevator, be assembled with just man power on a balcony or roof and then be able to winch materials up off the street. While the Derrick Crane may be compact, operators have the ability to lift to a maximum of 750 ft depending on which winch package is installed. The tower of the crane starts at 10 ft above the roof to allow room to get materials up but the crane can also incline the jib at an angle so an even higher hook height can be achieved.

The crane itself is a single design but comes with 24 footing designs to accommodate almost all roof top applications. With its flexible design and a fast winch motor, the crane can be built in four hours and can then allow projects to be completed in a much more efficient matter.

The Derrick Crane acts as a great alternative to using large crawler or AT cranes for high reach projects on existing buildings or industrial structures. It can lift the same height as large crawler or AT while it eliminates the street closures often associated with high angle urban projects.

Technical Spec Highlights

  • Heaviest Component: 150 lbs
  • Maximum lift capacity: 1 tonne (2,000 pounds)
  • Maximum service height: 750 ft
  • Jib length: 13 ft

Click here to see the Derrick Crane in action on a balcony in downtown Vancouver.

For full product details and to inquire about renting this crane for you next project contact Ryan at (604) 854-3218 or Toll free: 1-877-852-2192. Plus, stay tuned for the full case study coming soon.

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  1. ross shannon says:

    how do you keep the load away from banging into biulding if wind picks up

  2. Ryan Burton says:

    The load was controlled with tag lines on this job. Our next version of derrick has a longer boom and the load can be kept further from the building if desired.


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