BOSCARO as a leading edge global producer of crane accessories and materials handling equipment is highly aware of the growing need inside the construction industry for responsible environmental management on the job site and so has introduced to the market a “Concrete Bucket Washout Station” to work in conjunction with its heavy commercial BCE concrete bucket product line.


concrete bucket washout station


This systems allows for Model BCE concrete bucket to be placed into and removed from the washout station by crane and for the wash attendant to be elevated above the concrete bucket so that all washout activity is downward with all materials washed out being captured for proper management in the systems containment pan for transfer to an approved area.


suspended concrete bucketboscaro concrete bucket


We have concrete buckets as well as self dumping bins and a wide selection of pallet forks all available from our growing network of dealers located across half of the lower 48 states and Western Canada. For a personal review of your crane accessory needs please call our national sales office at 1-877-852-2192.


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