At Bigfoot Crane Company, we are a tight knit family which exceeds the boundaries of professional teamwork. Every family has its pillars, individuals who significantly contribute to harmony and unity; Gerry Wiebe is undeniably one such pillar in our Bigfoot family.

Over the past two decades, Gerry has embodied the values and contributed significantly towards our success and growth. Gerry’s approach to challenges, whether professional or personal, always had a touch of empathy and unwavering support. His warm  laughter and familial approach enriched our daily interactions, creating a workplace which spurred innovative solutions and remarkable achievements in the marketing realm.

Gerry Wiebe

As our Chief Marketing Officer, Gerry’s innovative approach, paired with his relentless dedication, has propelled the Boscaro and Navis product lines to new heights, and fostered a culture of continuous improvement within our company. His retirement on August 31st, 2023, marks the culmination of a remarkable journey, filled with memorable moments, significant milestones, and an enduring legacy.

The Journey: From Start to Finish

Memorable Moments:

Gerry’s illustrious career is a mosaic of creativity and resilience. His efforts in launching the Navis product line in North America and advancing the Boscaro product line are monumental milestones that reflect his dedication and expertise. An accolade for innovative products in the lifting equipment industry, The Silver LEAPP award, was won for the Navis product; showcases Gerry’s aptitude for innovation. His ability to leverage Bigfoot’s story and capability in the marketplace shows his commitment to safety and customer service.


Values Embodied:

Gerry was instrumental in sculpting and living the core values of Integrity, Passion, Innovation, and Caring each day. His involvement in achieving a rank among the top ten in Canada for the employee health index survey, a measure of workplace well-being and employee satisfaction, underlines his commitment to creating a conducive work environment and a cohesive team. His focus on treating people with respect, fostering accountability, and ensuring employee satisfaction has helped shape a culture where values are not just spoken about but lived every day.


A Legacy of Memories:

Gerry’s tenure is not just a chronicle of professional achievements, but a story filled with laughter, distinctive ideas, and heartfelt care for his colleagues. Stories of his humorous antics, like knocking the whiteboard tray off during meetings or adopting accents of whomever he was speaking to, are etched in our memory, bringing smiles to our faces. His ability to view situations from a unique angle, his open and honest conversations, and his constant willingness to help have left an indelible mark on the hearts of his peers.


The Compassionate Mentor:

Gerry’s belief in people reflects a nurturing quality in his personality that’s akin to a wise and supportive mentor. His investment in mentoring staff, negotiating contracts with European suppliers, and fostering a culture of continuous learning have contributed to the personal and professional growth within Bigfoot’s employees. The legacy of mentorship and continuous learning Gerry leaves behind will continue to be valued and fostered by current and future employees of Bigfoot.


Lessons Learned from Gerry:

Gerry’s professional expertise coupled with life wisdom has illuminated many paths. His accomplishments in marketing, business development, the trades, and his passion for mentoring have shaped careers. For instance, his mentoring of junior sales staff has imparted invaluable knowledge and profound life lessons. His teachings continue to resonate in the successes of those he mentored, creating a legacy that will continue to enrich the lives and careers of many at Bigfoot.


The Journey Ahead:

As Gerry embarks on new adventures post-retirement, he plans to extend his mentorship as an executive coach and sales trainer, reflecting his unyielding passion for contributing and creating. He also has plans to continue writing with a new book in the works, following on his previously published “Your Behaviour is Your Brand”. His love for woodworking and making improvements to his cabin in BC showcase a relentless pursuit of creativity and innovation, a trait that has been a hallmark of his time as Bigfoot’s CMO.


Gerry’s retirement is a bittersweet moment for the Bigfoot family. His dedication has not only contributed to our company’s success but has also enriched our culture, making it more inclusive, innovative, and value driven. As he steps into a new chapter of his life, we extend our deepest gratitude and warmest wishes in his future endeavours. The mark Gerry’s retirement has left was vividly felt at his retirement party in Abbotsford, where heartfelt speeches and shared memories underscored the profound impact he has produced at Bigfoot. The legacy of Gerry Wiebe will continue to inspire, guide, and remind us of the remarkable journey we were fortunate to share with him. His heartfelt letter from Ryan Burton, our CEO, during his retirement event, underlines the profound impact and the beautiful memories Gerry has left behind, making his farewell not just a professional retirement, but a familial commemoration of a beloved member stepping into a new chapter of life. We wish you all the best in your retirement and can only hope that we can all leave behind a lasting legacy like you have, Gerry!

Gerry Wiebe