CRM Forklift Work Platform

Setting an industry standard for quality and innovation.

 For safety, quality and practicality choose a forklift work platform by Boscaro. The fork mounted platform can be used to carry out routine maintenance, inspection and stock-taking.

All of our forklift work platforms are built to meet or exceed the standards of ASME, making them approved for use throughout North America. By fulfilling the protocol of ASME the Boscaro forklift work platform basket also meets the standards of OSHA.

Special Update:

Due to highly fluctuating steel prices, Bigfoot Crane Company reserves the right to change its pricing to reflect these changes at any time, and on any open quote issued.
We understand this may result in unexpected cost fluctuation, and we are doing everything possible to reduce impact on our customers.

If you have questions, concerns or to get a quote please call 1-855-598-3915.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

“Boscaro products have proven time and time again their quality, safety, and durability. Boscaro products continue to offer significant value on our projects.”

Ed Hawthorne-Safety Manager
Walsh/PCL- JV II


CRM882 lb400 kg309 lb140 kg3′ 3″1.00 m3′ 3″1.00 m6′ 9″2.10 m