Bigfoot construction employee delivering a recycling bag out of a closed road to the garbage pick-up truck.Photo courtesy of Sandra Allard

Bigfoot Gives Back Through Recycling

 When we say we support the community we live in, we mean it!Since this North Vancouver street was closed for the mobilization of our San Marco SMT 460 unit, our lead technician James Fujita took the initiative to make sure recycling…
Bigfoot Sign in Sign Post Forest

Bigfoot Sighted in the Sign Post Forest

Bigfoot is now proudly represented in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory (YT)’s Sign Post Forest. The landmark is located at Kilometer 980 of the Alaska Highway and has collected over 77,000 signs form around the world. The Sign Post Forest…

10 Best Practices for Working at Height in Winter

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Top Takeaway: Working at height in the winter can be dangerous, but you can reduce the risks by planning ahead, dressing appropriately, and monitoring yourself and others for signs of cold stress.Winter is the most challenging season for…
Working at Height Summer

5 Rules for Working at Height in Summer

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Top Takeaway: Heat stress and the risk of falling are both serious hazards when working at height in the summer. Combined they can be deadly, so stay cool and plan ahead to keep everyone safe this season. Summer is synonymous with…