Safety Officer wearing a safety vest and writing on a clip board.

Our Course is Tested, Tried and True

During the past two years, Bigfoot’s Academy has been providing a major city in Canada with specialized rigging training for all of their civil workers. In the process of training hundreds of workers, Bigfoot has garnered valuable feedback…
Basics of Civil Rigging

The Basics of Civil Rigging

The goal of Bigfoot’s Civil Rigging Course is to educate the untrained worker. The course focuses on the proper use of equipment, on lifting practices, and on the potential hazards of the work environment. Eighty percent of rigging…
Civil Rigging - Our training is practical

Bigfoot’s Training is Practical

Our training is well known for being practical, helpful and engaging. Our instructors have years of on-the-job experience and they combine their knowledge with a passion for teaching, which comes out clearly in the format of the training. “We…
A row of construction managers stand looking off towards their construction site at mid-day.

The Responsibility of Managers

Effective training in civil rigging training not only prevents accidents and ensures safety for workers, but it also relieves the legal and corporate pressures of negligence on the part of managers and owners. Whether it’s safety risks,…
Two men helping lower shoring with an excavator into a hole.

Keeping Civil Rigging Workers Safe

“The Civil Rigging Course helps workers move loads safely. Really, it’s for anyone who does any kind of mechanized lifting, using equipment like excavators or backhoes to move loads into place. Ideally, we want to make this course available…
Bigfoot construction employee delivering a recycling bag out of a closed road to the garbage pick-up truck.Photo courtesy of Sandra Allard

Bigfoot Gives Back Through Recycling

  When we say we support the community we live in, we mean it! Since this North Vancouver street was closed for the mobilization of our San Marco SMT 460 unit, our lead technician James Fujita took the initiative to make sure recycling…