Amtrak runs more than 300 trains on a daily basis. When the American passenger train company needed valuable train car components lifted for transport to the Midwest, a Delaware based company, Active Crane Rentals, Inc. was hired to perform the hoists. But Active Crane relied on the Boscaro EZ spreader bar system from Bigfoot Crane to perform the job.

In order to maximize on their lifting capacity, Active Crane planned to perform a straight-line pull. To protect the sides of the 70,000 lb and 100,000 lb components, they utilized the Boscaro EZ spreader bar system.

The EZ spreader bar system features a unique design of male and female interlocking sections. Each galvanized section can be used as an individual bar, as was done for the Amtrak lifts, or they can be combined to form an adjustable spreader bar with one-foot increments. By allowing easy adaptation with one system, the need for an assortment of bar lengths is eliminated, which improves efficiency and helps to manage project costs.

“Today my big thing is cutting down costs and in order to cut costs you have to cut down on time. The available capacity and the ease of adjustability offered by the EZ spreader bar system equals cost and time savings. We utilize the bars every day, they are constantly in use.”

Butch Garton, Crane & Rigging Specialist, Active Crane Rentals, Inc.

Amtrak Uses EZ Spread Bar System

Amtrak Uses Boscaro EZ Spreader Bar System

Active Crane Rental Hoists Train Car

Active Crane Rental Hoists Train Car

Spreader Bar Set Up

Spreader Bar Set-Up

Active Crane Rental base in Deleware

Active Crane Rental, based in Delaware