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Walsh and PCL have teamed up to complete some of the largest joint venture projects in North America. One such project is the Walsh/PCL JV II, $500 million Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven Connecticut. At its peak, this project will employ up to 300 people.

Replacement of the “Q” Bridge, as it is known by New Haven, Conn., residents-so named for crossing the Quinnipiac River-is the sixth of seven parts to the I-95 New Haven Harbor Crossing (NHHC) Corridor Improvement Program, one of the largest multimodal transportation improvement initiatives in Connecticut history. The project team is adding its own bit of history to the proceedings by making the new bridge the first extradosed bridge completed in the U.S., and the third in North America.

When it came to the equipment needed to ensure safety on site, Ed Hawthorne Safety Manager for the project turned to the Boscaro product line. The site now utilizes two Boscaro Emergency Rescue Platforms, various size self dumping bins, barrel grabs, and other selections from the wide Boscaro product offerings.

When asked why Boscaro, Ed had the following to say: “Boscaro products have proven time and again their quality, safety, and durability. Boscaro products continue to offer significant value on the project.”

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