Crane Man Basket


  • Removable roof gives you 2 man baskets in 1
  • Equipped with a 24″60 cm tool crib
  • Castor rollers prevent damage to building
  • EZ™ Test Weight System can be attached or removed in seconds
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Leading the industry in Man Baskets for cranes.

For safety, quality and practicality choose a two-person man basket by Boscaro. Thanks to the basket’s removable roof you can switch between having an open or closed top. This gives your personnel the room they need to work and allows the basket to be used in a wider range of projects.

All of our man baskets for cranes are built to meet or exceed the standards of ASME, making them approved for use throughout North America. By fulfilling the protocol of ASME the Boscaro two-person man basket also meets the standards of OSHA.

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Model Capacity Load Limit Dimensions Bottom Weight Roof Weight EZ™ Test Weight
Length Width H1* H2*
CPP-G2A 2 people 645 lb292 kg 4′ 7″1.40 m 3′ 3″1.00 m 7′ 9″2.35 m 4′ 6″1.37 m 480 lb220 kg 205 lb93 kg 815 lb370 kg
* H1: height with roof *H2: height without roof