Cost of Health and Safety in Construction

The True Cost of Health and Safety in the Construction Industry

Profit margins in the construction industry are generally small (about three to four percent) and the competition is fierce between rival companies trying to win business. Often, contractors will undercut contracts in order to win bids. The…
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Insurance for Construction Companies and How to Keep Costs Down

Insurance premiums are a complex business for construction companies, who face more costs and risk than many other industries. Adding to the difficulty is that insurance policies renew every year, leaving many business owners scrambling to protect…
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How to Communicate Safety Standards Throughout Your Company

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One of the best ways to prevent job site injuries is to get your employees and managers to buy into the safety culture. This can be done when you make it a priority to clearly communicate safety standards on a consistent basis. In reality,…
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Enhance Safety with Crane Remote Control Systems

Operating cranes, especially on construction sites, has always come with considerable challenges, both in terms of safety and affordability. Until recently, crane operations were carried out, either by a cab-mounted operator, controlled by hand…
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Self-Erect Crane – Deep Cove Solution

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Self-Erect Crane - A Rough Terrain Solution With one of our more scenic jobs in picturesque Deep Cove, Eagle West Equipment (acquired by Bigfoot Crane Company) installed a 35 meter self erect crane with luffing jib on a really interesting…
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Amtrak Utilizes the Crane Spreader Bar System by Boscaro

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Amtrak, the passenger train company based in the USA, runs more than 300 trains on a daily basis. When Amtrak needed valuable train car components lifted for transport to the Mid-West, a Delaware based company, Active Crane Rentals, Inc. was…